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Home State Bihar Back to back criminal incident put Motihari police on spot

Back to back criminal incident put Motihari police on spot

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SAGAR [email protected]

MOTIHARI: A back-to-back incident of crimes in east champaran in the last 48 hours has put the district police on the spot. While district police registered three cases of murder on Saturday, the Sunday recorded two incidents of murder reported from the villages of Chakiya and Turkaulia police stations in the district.

 In the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, the criminals shot dead one Amrendra Kumar, native of Baluchak village under Chakia police station. Police said the killer shot at Amrendra from close blank rang near his left ear. Victim succumbed to his injuries on spot. His body was found laying in pool of bloods in a field nearby the village.

 As murder news spread like wild fire, the enraged villagers protested out of police station with dead body and national highway for hours. They were demanding superintendent of police (SP) Naveen Chandra Jha to visit the scene  and assure them of stern action against culprits involved in the incidents.

DSP Shailendra Kumar however assuaged the protesting villagers with assurance of  proper action. DSP said the body has been handed over to the family after autopsy of body undergone in Motihari Sadar Hospital.Police said that Sunita Kumari aks Bacchi Kumari, wife of deceased filed a complain against six accused including three named. In the complain, she alleged that a native of Dharmpur village, Savitesh Kumar Singh, Harendra Ram and Kundan Kumar called her husband up and later on shoot him.

SHO Nirmal Kumar said police have registered the offence and started raiding to nab the named accused in the case. He said the deceased, an owner of customer service point (CSP) of Gramin Bank located at Bansh Ghat Chawk in the same locality was alone bread earner in the family.In an another incident, Turkaulia police arrested a man who killed his own niece. A resident of Chainpur village under Turkaulia police station Mobina Khatoon was knifed to death by his own uncle Aklu Mia. SHO Navneet Kumar said that a petty issues related to the share of bricks infuriated one Aklu Miya to such an extent that he killed daughter of his own brother.


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