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Home State Bihar Chief Minister urges to make a Human Chain on Water,Life and Greenery

Chief Minister urges to make a Human Chain on Water,Life and Greenery

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Motihari:-The upcoming Human Chain in Bihar on the coming 19 January regarding Water,Life and Greenery is to be rendered as record breaking,Bihar has already made various tremendous human chain on Liquor Ban ,Dowry System and Child Marriage, it was stated by the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at Mahanth Shivshankar Giri Stadium, Areraj in East Champaran on Wednesday, addressing a number of people on the second day of the Initiative for the awareness of people to water, Life and greenery namely ‘Jal,Jeewan,Hariyali Abhiyan Jagrukta Yatra’.CM further stated that we have established a government of development with justice and within three years 24500 crores of rupees will be spent on water and greenery to meet the aim of this initiative.

One lakh of pond,natural water sewage and drainage will be purified through proper treatment and be made free of encroachment. Three lacs of wells to be cleaned and renovation will take place.Water harvesting measures will be taken.Rainy water will be harvested and conserved.

The CM proclaimed the planning imposed successfully in Bihar is followed by the country. CM repeated the same statement of starting all sort of programmes from the Champaran, a district of Satyagraha.While glorifying the district Champarana the Chief Minister said the father of nation started his satyagraha from Champaran which lasted the departure of Britishers ultimately.CM Kumar inaugurated 96 schemes and laid the foundation of 493 schemes costing 357 crores and restated that 19 Crores of plantation has taken place resulting the incremental development of greenery from 9% to 15.

He advocated the use new agriculture technology and appealed the farmers to avoid burning of crop stubbles. He announced 70% subsidies on agricultural tool and 80% on that for great downtrodden people as government records them termed to ‘Mahadalit’.
He further inspected an office of RTPC,inaugurated a MNRGA park and pond,laid the foundation of a Panchayat Bhawan distributed the cheque of various beneficiaries of the government schemes and finished his second day programme after inaugurating a basic zoological centre for water ,life and greenery for the initiative.


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