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Home International Cross border scribes pledges to maintain age old Indo-Nepal bonds

Cross border scribes pledges to maintain age old Indo-Nepal bonds

 Journalists meet held in Nepal; They says relations are as solid as the rock
MOTIHARI: Cross border journalists meet held in Birgunj accomplished its objectives as more than four dozens journalists from both nation resolved to abstain unverified news that is not helpful in enhancing age old friendship between two country.    
 The symposium organized by consulate general of India on Sunday  was aimed at to renew relations between journalists of either side of border. The event draws huge turn ups of newsman from Bihar and the Himalayan Nation. The hectic debate among participants of both sides remained friendly that ended up with the conclusion to lead the friendship between both nation up to eternity.  
In the welcome speech delivered by acting consul general Ramesh P.Chaturvedi focused the objectives of the cross border journalists meet and said that objective reporting have always plays important roles in maintaining friendships and relations among citizens and it can also help out securities personnel’s on border of either side to stop cross border illegal activities. Suresh Kumar, another consul general anchored all the functions.
Consul ECG Dr Kotaswami M while interacting with journalists told that CGI office at Birgunj is committed to bridge the all communications gaps among the traders and citizens of both the nation. “Redress their grievances and strengthen bilateral relations are our prime mottos”, he said adding that India is keen to enhance business with Nepal removing all hurdles among traders if exists any.
 Seeking positive roles of media in border harmony, he said ethical media can play pivotal roles in reconstructing their respective nations, society and maintaining harmony on border and their countries as well, Kotaswami said. He however responded all queries made by journalists.
Consul Vinod Kumar Loshali told that sharing information’s among cross border journalists are necessary to tame with any confusions and rumors related to border. He said journalists from Patna,Motihari,Madhubani in india and Bara,Parsa and Rautahat districts  of Nepal shared their views and irritants causing concerns between both the nations were also focussed.     
Presiding over the function, Sweta Deepti, editor in chief of Himalini- a noted hindi Magazines in Nepal underlines all possible ways to iron out strains in the relation between India and Nepal. She said fake news only can disintegrate people of both the nations, which is enjoying years of old religious, social and political relations.
From Indian side Sujit Kumar Jha, Sagar Suraj, lalit jha, Ashok Singh, Deepak Agnirath,Munesh Ram, Ganesh Shankar and Devendra Singh of all India journalists federation put their view point strongly and said that  no third country interference can break up unprecedented emotional bonds between two nations. “We are socially, religiously, politically and geographically interlinked with Nepal and our relation is thousands of years old”, they said.  
Journalists from Nepal Yuvraj Khadka, secretary of Nepal Patrakar Mahasandh, Parsa ,Kabita Khadka of Madhya Nepal Sandesh, Sabir Alam, Anil Kumar Verma, Ashik Ansari,Anil Tiwari, Shiv Shankar Mishra, Yuvraj Khadka and Madhuri Mahato of BBC Nepali service also joined among others and discussed at length on the issues specially commons problems related to borders and concerns of citizens of either side of no-men’s land. Interpreter of Birgunj consulate office Chandan Shrivastava appears busy on providing all hospitalities to journalists joined the event.    

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