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Home International International gang of fake Indian currency busted on Indo-Nepal border

International gang of fake Indian currency busted on Indo-Nepal border

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MOTIHARI : Close on the heels of Delhi police on Sunday arrested a Nepali citizen Asalam Ansari in NCR with fake currency notes with a face value of Rs 5 lakhs,the Nepal police on Thursday have busted an international gang of fake Indian currency(FICN) while arresting two racketeers with FICN of the face values of Rs 8,08272 from their possession.

The consignments was to be delivered at a location at Raxaul in east champaran district, about six km south from Birgunj – the bordering city of Nepal.

 Police superintendent of Parsa district Somendra Singh Rathaur said acting on a tip off the armed revenue team and custom sleuths intercepted Abhishek Sarraf 39 and Vishnu Shresth on Thursday.

“Police recovered 32 bundles of FICN from their homes. These racketeers are in constant touch with receivers at Raxaul in Indian territory in Bihar.  Both fake note racketeers are being quizzed by different agencies at Birgunj .
The Nepal police has once again stepped up surveillance on its southern border adjoining Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states of India to check the rackets of Indian fake currency notes via Nepal .

According to report the Indian fake currency is being supplied by Pakistan ISI agency on large scale via Nepal after Balakot surgical strike undertaken by India . 

According to police sources Ansari was in touch with three men of Nepal Abdul Rahaman, Sajjad and Sher Mohammad, who are the main receivers of fake notes sent from Pakistan . Intelligence officials told that in Pakistan present syndicate running FICN trade is led by one Ekbal Kan. Underworld don Daud Ibrahim have assigned the trade to Aftab, Subha Bhai and Sikander of D- company.

Abdul Rahman is the kingpin of the syndicate active on Indo-Nepal border and has also linked with D –company operatives and ISI also .

A top brass of RAW told that this syndicate of fake notes of Nepal are presently using three Raxaul based carriers on border and they have been identified as Dinesh, Bhola Ansari and Sagir. These information have been shared with Nepal police by Ministry of home affairs of India .
The Intelligence officers said that they are also surprised at the quality of seized fake notes which have similar security features as original ones .

All the racketeers of fake notes operating on Indo-Nepal border have gone under ground and some may have taken shelter in Motihari and Muzaffarpur towns in Bihar .

The recent recovery of FICN in delhi has been assigned to special cell of Delhi police to inquire about if it has any links with D- company and ISI’s sleepers cells in india. 


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