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Home motihari Man eater jackals created havoc in Mothari; Forest officials issues SOS

Man eater jackals created havoc in Mothari; Forest officials issues SOS

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MOTIHARI। Forest officials issued advisories to the village folk under Kalyanpur police station after they received the information’s  that man- eater jackals, whose exact numbers are not known are sneaking in to thatched made houses of villagers and snatched away the newly born from the lap of mother.

 They said man-eater Jackals created havoc among village folk in and around various villages under Kalyanpur police station in East Champaran district, about 25 km east and south from Motihari- the district headquarter in Bihar in india, close to indo-nepal border.

Most vulnerable are newly born child and child below the age of one year. The victim families are spending sleepless nights after they lost their dear and near ones and the reports spread in the localities like wild fire.   

 On the intervening night of Wednesday- Thursday, a newly born grand son of one Senior Paswan, a native of Paswan Toli under Siswa Show Panchayat has been taken away by jackals, while the baby was laying in the lap of her mother. Bimla Devi, the mother of baby told that the animals stealthily sneaked in to the thatched room of her father and taken away her baby. She given birth to the baby on august 13, 2019 in the public health center in Kalyanpur.

Moaning family after jackals took away their newly born baby.

Deeply aggrieved with the incidents, Bimla became unconscious while sharing the incidents with locals and media persons.

She said she was married with Dinesh Paswan, a native of Baluwa village falls under Paharpur police station and had visited some three months ago to her parental house.   “Her baby was just 16 days old, who was eaten out by jackals”, she said groaning.

Bimla was not alone victim of jackals menace in the localities. On May 20, 2019, eight months old child of one Surendra Paswan also became victim of man eater jackals in the localities. Surendra has also impoverished background. His family is residing in the same village in a hut of his parents. He did not found the remains of his child yet.

Besides, another eight months grand son of one Rajdeo Paswan was taken away by jackals on the night of 29 May, 2019 .Punita Devi, mother of victim child and daughter of Rajdeo Paswan told she was married in Lakhna village under Rajepur Panchayat under Shahebgunj police station. She also had visited her parent’s house and  became victim of jackals.

Forest officers of Chakiya forest office Dinesh Pandey and Jaleshwar asked village folk to remain alert until or unless the man eater jackals are caught.    


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