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MOTIHARI: One Kailash Raut 60 was killed and his grand son Mukesh Kumar 24 received serious knife injuries when two unidentified motor cycle borne youths attacked on them on Wednesday at NH28A near Chandisthan in Mathiya locality of town.Injured Mukesh Kumar has been admitted in a private nursing home here and the body of slain Kailash Raut sent to sadar hospital by police.

Injured Mukesh Kumar in his statement to Chatauni police said that his grand father Kailash Raut have a KHATAL of cows and one of a cow died in the night of Tuesday.
He along with his grand father hired a tractor to load the body of cow and the body was being disposed off on the flank of NH 28A by them. In the meantime two unidentified youth appeared and abused them and asked to stop the disposal of cow body near road. They attacked on his grand father with knife and he died at spot. They attacked on me and injured me

badly too .
Abhay Kumar,SHO of Town police station said that two persons have been detained in this case and further investigation is going on to find out the reason behind killing.
In a separate incident that is understood to have been committed by the same miscreants,according to police sources two persons in Mathiya Zirat locality of the town Akash Kumar and Imteyaz were also stabbed at two places by this two unidentified motor cycle borne criminals after and hour of the stabbing at the NH28 in which one Raut was killed. The police is taking help of CCTV footage to identify these psychos. Tension is prevailing in Mathiya and Mathiya Zirat localities of town.

Notably, locals have handed over a suspected stranger to Dhaka police, who appears to be mentally insane. Police recovered from his possession a cell phone in which police found massages of some foreign transactions but later on SHO Dhaka said the man handed over to the police was actually mentally insane and the mobile phone he was carrying belongs to another local, who received its from the police. Beggar have picked up it from road.


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