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Home State Bihar MGCU’s VC gained notoriety before completing his tenure - EC Member

MGCU’s VC gained notoriety before completing his tenure – EC Member

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MOTIHARI: Caught in throes of controversies after back to back allegations being levelled  against Mahatma Gandhi central University (MGCU)’s Vice Chancellor Sanjeev Kumar Sharma,  Ministry for human resource department (MHRD)- the appointing authority of VCs of MGCU  is drawing flak.

After Chancellor of this second Bihar’s central university and a Padamshree awardee Dr Mahesh Sharma leveled a slew of charges against present VC of corruptions and arbitrary decisions being taken in the appointments of teachers and other key issues related to the development of this Central university, executive council (EC) of MGCU also joined the bandwagon of Chancellor Dr Sharma’s crusade triggering off high decibel debates in the process of VC’s appointment.

As Dr Arvind Agrawal- the first vice chancellor of MGCU, who was charged of providing false information to selection committee regarding his academic credentials, he was taken forced resignation, the axes  poise to fall on second VC Dr Sanjeev Sharma, own brother and erstwhile leader of Aam Adami Party (AAP) Dr Kumar Viswas.

MGCU’s senior EC member Professor Kiran Ghai wrote a letter to MHRD minister alleging gross violations of Central University act in appointment process of professors in MGCU.  In the sideline of recently held EC meetings, when asked Kiran Ghai however refused to comment on issues discussed in EC meetings. Her letter to MHRD was accessed by ‘Border News Mirror’ in which she alleged against VC. “ Being one of  participants in 18 th EC meetings, I am witness of VC and OSD Padmakar Mishra’s misleading informations regarding income and expense, proceedings and violations of EC’s rights”, the letter reads. VC illegally selected a pro-vice chancellor. VC gained notoriety owing to a number of reasons, she reacted.

On May 11, 2020, Chancellor Dr Mahesh Sharma appealed president of India Ramnath Kovind and sought his intervention to save this university- in trouble since its inceptions. Through a letter, Sharma questioned the functioning of MHRD on the issues of the allegations against MGCU VC. Sharma said VC has arbitrarily appointed teachers and violated Central university acts on many occasions.



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