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Home motihari MOTIHARI: State health dept's team inquires tablets fraud in sadar hospital

MOTIHARI: State health dept’s team inquires tablets fraud in sadar hospital

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Satish Aditya

Motihari: Yogendra Prasad, Additional director of state
health society Patna along with one member of inquiry committee on
Wednesday visited the office of East Champaran district health society in Sadar hospital campus and examined the papers of purchasing of 117 tablets. The inquiry team members also quizzed district accounts manager, district programme manager, Dr. Anil Sinha, nodel officer of society and Civil Surgeon. The team members also visited the site of Tab shop from tabs were purchased but there was no shop there rather it was a residential house. Yogendra Prasad
talking to newsmen here said we have made varification of all documents and places and he will submit the report to Executive director of state health society.

Manoj Kumar, Executive director (ED) state health Society (SHS) Patna had ordered an departmental inquiry in to alleged misappropriations of more than Rs 15 lakhs in the purchasing of mobile tabs meant for 117 health and wellness centers in the East Champaran district.
Executive director of SHS, Patna Manoj Kumar has constituted a two
member committee headed by Additional director of SHS Yogendra Prasad and asked to reports within 15 days. Yogendra Prasad through a letter on Saturday has asked the Civil surgeon of Motihari Dr. Shakuntala Singh to ensure presence of all district health society officials with relevant documents on September 11, the day of inquiry at Motihari.

Sanjay Kumar, principal secretary of state health department taking cognizance over a hindi news paper report ordered an inquiry to executive director of health in last week.

The order stirred up District health society officials, who had purchased 117 tablets allegedly on high price in comparison to the market price of
noted similar brands without floating tender. Nodal officer of DHS Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, while admitting the misappropriation told that purchasing did not mention in the stocks register nor his signatures were taken that is mandatory in the stock register of DHS if anything being purchased.
According to official report DM is the chairman and Civil Surgeon is the secretary of District health society (DHS) The DHS ensured bids of three firms, who are said to have filed their
quotations and instead of minimum quotations the highest quotation was approved. Instead of Rs 6,000 the City Care firm owner was paid Rs
19000 against each tabs purchased.
The city care supplied tabs of eye ball slide star of grey model, which
market price is still Rs 6,239. Even tabs of Samsung- a noted brand of tablets is cheaper to that of paid amount to the supplier farms city care. Sachin kumar, proprieter of city care told they had purchased the tabs 9500 each and sold it at the rate of Rs 19000 each to cover warranty .


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