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Home State Bihar “Eight year old gave birth a baby”, Police’s Sham investigation triggers controversy

“Eight year old gave birth a baby”, Police’s Sham investigation triggers controversy

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MOTIHARI: Can a girl aged at about 8 year old give birth to  healthy baby ?- Perhaps no, but it is possible for Raxaul police.

In an unprecedented case of faulty and flawed investigation, a trainees IPS and additional superintendent of police (ASP) Sagar Kumar has made it possible.

Hearing on final reports submitted by police in Adapur PS case number 285/20, Raxaul sub-divisional magistrate KK Shukla took cognizance against all accused persons named in the case including Rambabu Dubey- SDO of Gramin vibhag posted in Pupri in Sitamarhi district,Dilip Dubey and Hridesh Dubey.

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Raising strongly the latches in the supervision reports and questioning the modus operandi of investigating officer in the case, senior advocate cum co-chairman of state bar council Rajeev kumar Dwivedi aks Pappu Dwivedi argued before court that the slipshod investigation paves way to notorious realtors active on Indo-Nepal border to repeat the incident.

To substantiate the supervision report, alleged to have been issued to benefit accused persons, who had been booked under section 467,468 and 420 of IPC, the supervising authority not only misquoted the witnesses but also cited wrong information’s and made the case final giving clean chit to all the culprits.

“To benefit culprits, ASP Sagar wrongly shown birth’s years of elder daughter of the lady in question on 1952 ( Before Hindu marriage ACT, 1955 enacted) only to legalize the second marriage of the lady .

In supervison report, which issuance however took much time on one pretext or other, ASP wrote that during investigation, he collected Adhar cards of all kith and kins of one of the accused Dilip Dubey.

 “Surprisingly enough, supervising  officer forgotten asking for adhar card of lady, whose marriage legality is said to be the crux in the case”, Dubey quipped.

Lady in question herself admits her age in her sale deed executed on 7, November,2019 as 77 years and her adhar cards also supports the same age. If lady declaration in the sale deed is to believed, she born in 1943. Thus, how she can give birth to a daughter in 1952 in only eight years of her age.

Besides, ASP wrongly mentioned the statement of brother –in-law of complainant Dharmendra Dubey as witness. If supervison reports is to be believed, Complaint’s bother in-law has given statements in favour of all accused persons against his own sister.

The boundary mentioned in the place of occurrence was totally wrong. In an letter sent to director general of police(DGP) and chief minister of Bihar, Complainant alleged that Dsp Sagar Kumar never visited at place of occurrence at Bhaluahiya village under Adapur police station and undertaken his so-called supervison reports from his own office to benifit land sharks.

 Senior civil advocate Rajeev Shankar Verma said it seems, ASP, who supervise the case has all the knowledge of Hindu marriage act 1955.

 According to act, after 1955, second marriage in the life of first legal wife is null and void and she will have no any rights over the properties of her husband.

He said these officers and detectives make up the lowest level of their departments’ hierarchical structure and are supervised by a chain of command consisting of multiple layers of supervisory officers. Supervision is nothing but an internal communication among the officers investigating the case. Though, investigating officers (IO) are not bound to comply with the directions of its superior but practically, they follow the instruction of their seniors.

Said ASP Cum DSP Raxaul Sagar Kumar, “Final report has been submitted in the court. Now court has to decide the matter.

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