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Run for peace, coping with stress cause by protracted lock down In Motihari

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MOTIHARI: ‘RUN FOR PEACE’, Co-win ( Covid- Win), Ahinsa Daur (Run for Non-Violence) – the theme of Mini Marathon organized in Motihari on Friday are another reason which draws attentions of participants of East Champaran- a Bihar’s second most populated district. Though it was a quite new experience for the Citizens of this twin city, the huge number of youths, lady, girls and children ran up to 6 to 13 km. The district administration-the organizer of this event successfully staged this Marathon ensuring turns up of huge numbers of participants from all streams of life across the district. District Magistrate of East Champaran Shirshat Kapil Ashok, Superintendent of police Navin Chandra Jha, International Badminton player Jwala Gatta and other officials of civil and police administration ran along with participants. “It was multiple birds with one stone”, a noted gynaecologist Jasvir Sharan- also one of participant said adding while participating the run we had a massage for peace, for non-violence and get coped with the stress caused by the pandemic. DM urged people to exercise for physical and mental well-being. “Health is root of all happiness” DM said. International badminton player Jwala Gatta said that such events help developing health and sporting culture in urban localities. Deadly pandemic Covid-19 made people aware about health and fitness. At the outset, a fascinating cultural event was staged to warms up participants in the sprawling field of Motihari Gandhi maidan. Along with ‘Jumba dance’, a number of dances were performed by artists from in and out of the district. Braving chilling cold, the participants were seen dancing and gobbling up on the music wearing T-shirts and batches of their respective numbers provided by the administration. The six kilometer run was categorized for women while 13 kilometer mini marathon was for male participants. The first, second and third winner from both categories were conferred cash reward of Rs 15,000, Rs 10,000 and Rs 7000 respectively. While superintendent of police and his team were keeping close eyes on law and order, the district magistrate- the brain child of this first ever event in this district was seen conducting and motivating the youths. Another crux of attraction of the event was Jwala Gatta- her motivating lines for youths and ‘words’ filled with gratitude for DM became punch lines for media. Anurag Kaushal Singh, district transport officer was also sported to be sweating out in making the event successful.

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