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Home State Delhi Russia to deliver MIG29 and Sukhoi fighter jets to India

Russia to deliver MIG29 and Sukhoi fighter jets to India

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New Delhi. Amidst the India-China border tension, the Indian Air Force plans to order over 30 fighter jets from Russia which will be a government to government deal. The Russians are ready to assess the issue of early delivery even as Moscow is currently helping Indian Air Force in MIG29 modernisation programme. Russia will deliver MIG29 and SU30 MKI fighter jets in the shortest possible timeframe to India. The Air Force has sent the proposal in this regard to the Ministry of Defence.

The modernisation will help increase combat capabilities and expand the functional properties of MIG29 fighters to a level comparable to the Fourth-generation jet fighter. Post modernization MIG29 will allow integration of weapons of Russian and foreign production and tracking of air targets in a wide range of flight speeds and altitudes. Modern materials will increase the service life of MIG29 fighters upto 40 years.

India is also going to buy 12 SU30 MKI aircrafts. Indian Air Force commissioned its first squadron of 12 SU30 MKI armed with the BrahMos-A cruise missile earlier this year in January. This multi-purpose fighter jet is made in collaboration with the Russian military aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited of India. These aircraft are considered very effective for air-to-air missiles.


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