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Home ब्रेकिंग न्यूज Whistle Blower Murder: Citizen Forum Up in Arms in Motihari

Whistle Blower Murder: Citizen Forum Up in Arms in Motihari

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MOTIHARI:  Citizen Forum of Motihari is up in arms against police administration and soon to hit the ground for #justice for Bipin Agrawal- a RTI activist, gunned down a few weeks ago.

If Birendra Kumar Jalan, the chairman of the organization is to be believed, he has warned the administration and has given a week to ensure justice to the Bipin family or else he threatened he and his organization will join the street with strong protest against police administration and local public representatives, kept mum on the issues, he said.

Notably. Unidentified gunners shot dead Bipin Agrawal at around block gate in Harsiddhi. RTI activist has been fighting to get vacated more than three acre land of Bettiah Estate and high court is about to give his verdict before he was eliminated.

A formidable BJP leader- supposed to be very close to a former union BJP minister and parliamentarian was named by one of the arrested shooter. Police interrogated him but let off him on personnel bond allegedly. The shooters, according to police named six others, who allegedly hatched conspiracy and given them contact to shoot Bipin. Police however failed to nail rest of the accused persons yet- the reason of annoyance.

A few days ago, Monica Agrawal, wife of deceased and her son blocked Harsiddhi-Sugauli road demanding arresting of rest of the culprits in Bipin murder case. In the very public views, she tried to slice her wrist’s vein to commit suicide. Local police however pushed them out of the road to streamline traffic.

During the road blockade, Motihari SP assured her to visit her house in a few hours and hear her demands but the police chief has yet to fulfill his promises. Monica told BNM that she is going to share her woe with CM Nitish Kumar.

It may be recalled here, in Harsidhhi alone eight people were shot dead in the last five months. After the present SHO of Harsiddhi joined the office, not less than seven people were killed in his jurisdiction. The killings of RTI activists and a journalist Manish shake off everyone rising hot in the collars of BJP top leaders in the district as their men sustain blood stains.

A BJP leader in Harsiddhi is alleged to have occupied the maximum area of land of estate illegally. The encroached lands were about to be vacated soon on final order of the high court on the application of slain Bipin. Monica alleged that police is trying to save these saffron leaders among others on the instigation of BJP top leaders.

In a hilarious debate on BNM TV, all these allegations however were rebutted by district general secretary of BJP Lalbabu Prasad but rumors are still floating in the air that out of all eights murders in Harsiddhi alone- more than five share BJP men conspiracy.

Notably, a number of government projects hang in balance owing to the lack of free land in the district. Even Mahatma Gandhi Central University (MGCUB) is yet to get its total lands. Right from revenues officials, police too facilitate grabbers to grab government land here. Virtually everybody from top to bottom is on the gravy train and works overtime to provide illegal gains to realtors, rather than acting as custodians of public interest.

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