Gen Pandey to work for making Army Op ready

New Delhi : To meet the challenges of the country, new Army Chief General Manoj Pandey on taking charge at South Block in New Delhi, lists high level operational preparedness his priority.


?It is a matter of pride for me that I am being entrusted with the responsibility of leadership of the Army, which I accept with all humility,? Gen Pandey said while elaborating his top priority would be to ensure operational preparedness and coordination between the three services.

He said that the Indian Army, with a glorious history, has done a great job of upholding the security and integrity of the country.


Similarly, the Army has contributed equally to nation building. ?I want to assure the countrymen that the Indian Army is fully committed to freedom, liberty and equality. I will try to carry forward the good work of the former officers.?

Gen Pandey said that in the context of capability development and force modernization, ?my endeavour would be to take advantage of new technologies through the process of indigenization and self-reliant India?.

The new chief said, ?I know the other two chiefs very well. This is a good start for synergy, collaboration and togetherness between the three services. I assure you that together we will take things forward for national security and defence.?

Pandey told the media that the geo-political situation was changing rapidly. ?There are many challenges before us, so it is the duty of the Indian Army to be ready to deal with any challenge in coordination with all the allied services.?

All officers of the Indian Army get equal opportunities for career and professional growth. All officers in senior leadership positions are trained and oriented in all aspects of warfare.

He said that my top priority would be to ensure high standards of operational preparedness to meet contemporary and future challenges across the entire spectrum of conflict. ?I would like to focus on the current reforms, restructuring and transformation to modernize the forces so as to enhance the operational and functional efficiency of the forces. My main objective will also be to increase mutual cooperation between the three armies.?

Prior to this, General Pandey had assumed the role of Eastern Army Commander and looked after India's borders with China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Pandey was holding the post of Vice Chief of Army Staff before he was promoted as the new Chief of Army Staff (COAS). He is the first officer in the Corps of Engineers to become the COAS. On taking over as the Chief, Gen Pandey reviewed the Ceremonial Guard of Honor on the lawns of South Block. The COAS commended the guards for their impeccable and impressive parade.

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