State-of-the-art policing in sync with the changing technological revolution need of hour- SP


MOTIHARI:  Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has found the research paper of IPS Kumar Ashish 
entitled "Data Governance: Issues and Challenges" salient among  many other papers of scholars on the theme and took it in its official Bulletin exclusively. The paper sheds light on how criminal justice datas is making a difference in areas like response planning, Crime prevention, Criminal identification, risk assessment etc. The developments elated Bihar’s cops and police personnels of Motihari where Dr Kumar Ashish has been posted as Superintendent of Police .


The purpose of data governance has been underlined in research article to ensure stability, rule of law and order in the society that is essential to bring peace and tranquilities in nation. Research paper reads: Crime prevention through data analysis and management is more important today than ever for modern policing. Be it organized criminal gangs, cyber crime, economic crime or use of modern technology like fingerprint, facial recognition technology etc., data governance is now indispensable for true policing.It has been mentioned by Dr Ashish that innovative initiatives like CCTNS and NATGRID are a positive step in this direction.


 Also, a highly robust data governance framework is needed now more than ever to keep state-of-the- art policing in sync with the changing technological revolution. Earlier, in August 2020, the Union Home Minister's Best Research Skills Medal was given for speedy resolution, action and getting all the seven accused with life imprisonment fine within eight months in the sensational case of gang rape in Kodhobadi police station area of Kishanganj district. Going through and appreciating this great work, the CBI had given a place in its bulletin last year in the 2021 edition as well.

7ef1e940-0118-4267-a36f-560b7635b2f4It is noteworthy that SP Dr Kumar Ashish, along with his policing experiments, is constantly active in writing and in the motivation of students. So far, more than 2 dozen of his articles on contemporary and policing subjects have been published in various journals.


This research article published by the Superintendent of Police in CBI Journal presents the concept of a 
new implementable framework for data governance in modern policing, besides being useful for enhancing the efficiency and efficiency of all policemen. Motihari Police including SHO Banjariya Sandeep Kumar, SHO Pipra Kothi Manoj Kumar Singh, SHO Sugauli Akhilesh Mishra and Dumarghat SHO Rakesh Kumar Harsidhi SHO jwala Kumar Singh is feeling elated and proud on the great achievement of its Police Captain.

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IPS Dr. Kumar Ashish’s research  on “ Data Governance” hit the headlines