Apply Apply, but No reply from Motihari DM

Apply Apply, but No reply from Motihari DM

Ghodasahan Circle officer Shivshankar Gupta alleged to be deadwood



Sagar Suraj

MOTIHARI: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked central government department to earmark deadwood and dishonest officers in every few months, Bihar government would turn deaf ears when matters come to the corrupt officials in state.

 A circle officer of Ghodasahan- a block in East Champaran district in Bihar is under fire since he was slapped a notice by Abhishek Kumar - deputy collector (DC) of land reform at Dhaka alleging his malafied intension behind his “repeat order” of measurement of a piece of land in dispute.

DC annulled CO’s order of ‘’repeat measurement and ordered every concerned parties and CO  to appear before court. Circle officer Shivshankar Gupta is facing embracement after the notice, which was however, yet to be responded.

 Gupta’s highhandedness and his alleged ‘corrupt practices’ on Indo-Nepal border in benefiting realtors and land grabbers hit the headlines many times. In many instances, he would cancel mutation application and the same piece of land was mutated later on after allegedly entering in to under table dealings.  The allegations of accepting grafts for allowing files are common against him.

A local native Baidhnath Pd Jaishwal said that circle officer has allowed a mutation of the land of a 100 year old well leading a deadly civil dispute among villagers. The government has sanctioned a huge amount and has been parroting protections, preservations of water body, well , ponds, rivers, and canals but his own officers are allowing and helping out realtors to grab year old water bodies.

The matter of well is related to ward number 3 under Dakshini Panchayat of Ghodasahan and a land of math (temple) belongs to Khesara number 43 has been sold out and mutated and a piece of land belongs to Khesara number 2211 in ward number 3 under Mauja Ghodasahan belongs to state land but Circle officer also ordered measurement for the said land on alleged influence of real estate mafias and also on local political pressures. Needless to say, circle office paving the ways for grabbing government lands.

Besides, residents of village Sripur Manai Tola Vinod Kumar Yadav clearly accused Circle officer for demanding Rs one lakhs against a mutation of a piece of land. In an application filed before district magistrate of East champaran, Vinod alleged that Circle officer muted his land bearing khata number 8 plot number 3239 area 3 kathas to the name of another person’s while he purchased from a bonafied owner who has already a jamabandi number 1615.

 Same situation is also associated with one Chetna-native of Ghodasahan ward number 5, has given an application to LRDC, Dhaka and had leveled many serious allegations against CO. CO was tried to contact for his version but due to network conjetion we could not accesed him.




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