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MOTIHARI lawyers to meet chief justice today, stand off likely to get solution

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Relentless attempts of co-chairman of the state bar council Rajeev Kumar Dwivedi aks Pappu dwivedi victoriously get the time fixed with chief justice Karole



MOTIHARI: Court boycott called up by district bar association are likely to be done away with by February 5 with chief justice of Patna high court Sanjay Karole have finally conceded the advocates requests to meet the delegates of lawyers of Motihari court to discuss the stand-off.

 Earlier high court was of the views that they would not talk with delegates until or unless the court abstention was called off and lawyers are return to their job. “Finally honorable chief justice assured to listen us, thanks to Rajeev Dwivedi-co-chairman of state bar council”,said a lawyer siting on dharna sites in court premises.

While confirming the reports coming out from Patna high court, Dwivedi told that honorable chief justice have assured to meet the delegates on February 5 to reach out on any amicable solutions. He said that Bar association in east Champaran district had resorted to court abstention programs from January 29. The general body had decided to protest the relocation of courts from district headquarters to various sub-divisional headquarters.

Chairman of district bar association Shesh Narayan Kunawar told that poor infrastructures in sub-divisional headquarters are perilous  for all including judicial officers, litigants and lawyers. Justice at door can be materialized had we would have completed infrastructures at the locations where courts are proposed to be shifted, he said.

“ Law and order in the state are such that criminals openly attacks on lawyers and prisoners .The day long shootout in Bettiah court that led murder of prisoner Babloo Dubey and firing in Dhaka sub-divisional court are latest examples of prevailing insecurities in the court premises”, said Senior advocate Rajeev Shanker verma.

General secretary of district bar association Kanhaiya Prasad Singh told that if district headquarter’s courts are not safe, imaging what would be the fate of sub-divisional courts. The safety of litigates, prisoners and judges are at stakes with the high court decision to shift the court in the remote areas.


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