Indian Army holds medical camp for Nanjappa Chattram villagers

Villagers came to the rescue of the martyrs

Nilgiris: The Indian Army, as a mark of gratitude to the villagers of Nanjappa Chattram, the village where the helicopter carrying General Bipin Rawat, his wife Madhulika Rawat and 12 other Brave Hearts crash-landed on 08 December leading to their martyrdom, held on Thursday a one-day medical camp for the residents.

Doctors including lady physicians, nursing officers and paramedical staff took part in the medical camp which saw the active participation of the local government officials. The doctors prescribed and provided free medicines for those who were in need of medication while those requiring specialized treatment were referred to the Medical Hospital, Wellington.


The Nanjappa Chattram villagers were the first to reach the mishap site and started rescue and relief operations without knowing the identity of the passengers in the chopper. General A Arun, General Officer Commanding, Southern Command who visited the village on 13 December was moved by the yeomen service rendered by the villagers and declared that the Indian Army was adopting the village. For the next year, the staff of Medical Hospital, Wellington, would call on the village once a month for a free medical camp for the villagers. This is our way of saying thanks to the villagers who despite the inhospitable terrain of the remote area rushed to help the passengers,? a spokesman of Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington told Hindustan Samachar.

Soldiers of MRC Wellington have already earned a permanent place in the hearts of the Nilgiris population by distributing free food to the residents since the outbreak of Covid-19. ?They are doing an excellent job here. Hadn?t these soldiers and officers been here, we would have starved to death because of the lockdown and loss of jobs during the pandemic,? said Raja, a local resident.


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