Security beefed up on indo-Nepal border

Security beefed up on indo-Nepal border

 SSB and APF on alert on the eve of Independence Day

SSB on high alerts on border PHOTO BY JAY PRAKASH


Sagar Suraj

MOTIHARI: Indian securities agencies have stepped up security along Indo-Nepal border on the eve of 77 th Indian Independence Day on Sunday.

 Shashatra Seema Bal (SSB) guarding 1700 km long Indo-Nepal border told ‘Border News Miror’ that the border forces has been reinforced at the bordering areas in order to maintain robust security. Country is observing Independence Day on Tuesday.

Indian border forces are in high alert at various places of Champaran in Bihar including Raxaul, Ghodasahan, Kundwa Chainpur, Adapur and in Sitamarhi district to prevent any untoward incidents during the Independence Day celebrations, reports said.

47 battalion of SSB have started through frisking and vehicle check up and put all the hotels and shops under surveillance. A joint patrolling with APF-Nepali security forces is being undertaken on the international border, Securities forces is keeping close eye on public places, residential hotels, and restaurants. And owners of these hotels have been asked to report if they sense any suspects.


SSB have strengthened its intelligence on all exit and entry point of border. Security forces are  also monitoring  border pillars and frisking Indians and Nepali citizens crossing the border. The porous border of indo Nepal has always been in limelight for illegal activities and poses serious challenges before securities agencies.

Many Anti-India elements and the members of separatists groups have been arrested from this border by national securities agencies in the last few years. Smugglings of contrabands such as drugs, fake currency and yellow metals are common. Motihari SP Kantesh Mishra said criminals are being arrested with contraband goods like Charas and opium. Reports coming in that boozers use to bring liquor in Indian territories. All the police stations and officials have been asked to undertake regular patrolling on border.   



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